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GameFuel™ merges technology and imagination to ignite world-class products









Established in Las Vegas, we know gaming and we know players. The player has changed. They’re younger, savvier and feed off stimulation.

The GameFuel™ suite of table games fuses felt, technology and unique patent-pending game designs that are paramount to the future of table-gaming:

• Technology-fueled yet paired with a live dealer element increases player engagement.
• GameFuel’s patent-pending Community Progressive™ bet rewards every player in the bet, while at the same time limiting the casino’s exposure.
• Math models that enable the player and the house to win on every bet.
• A winning formula that features a combination of rake and house edge.
• Peer-to-peer betting creates a unique social atmosphere.


the GAMEFUEL™ portfolio

GameFuel Red & Black™


GameFuel Baccarat™


GameFuel Blackjack™


GameFuel Rummy™


GameFuel Chinese Pai Gow™


GameFuel Chinese Poker™

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Technology enhanced casino table games.

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